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The Hurley ChroniclesWhether you are stalking steelhead on the north coast rivers, salmon fishing along the coast, trout fishing in the mountains or chasing albacore offshore, the Hot Sheet will keep you on top of the action throughout Northern California!


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 The Hot Sheet Fishing Report changes daily and the focus of the reports change with the seasons. The Hot Sheet arrives directly to your desktop 2 mornings per week with the occasional Hot Flash report throughout the entire year.  


Every Hot sheet includes:

· A daily round up of the day's hottest fishing opportunities!


· Complete weather summary and marine weather forecast for the following day so you can plan your trips with confidence!


· Helpful tips & tactics and GPS coordinates!


· These reports contain no advertisements!


· Hotflash! These are short updates when there is an exceptionally hot bite!


· "Today's Information TODAY", not last week's or last month's information you often find. 


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Also! The Northern California Hot Sheet provides updates on the state of the fishery 2 mornings per week with the occasional Hot Flash report. Want to learn more? Click Here! Learn More 2


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